The use of social media for brands is nearly universal. Statista claims 94% of consumer marketers use Facebook, while 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn. Twitter’s in second place for both.

So, in the war zone that is social media, brands battle for attention. Organic or paid, they must come to grips with the reality that as content is relentlessly blasted from fire hoses, engagement has become increasingly elusive. Recent data from RivalIQ puts average Facebook engagement at .09%.

It’s no secret the vast majority of marketers rely on visuals to draw attention to their posts. However, social media marketers often lack the skills or resources to consistently create engaging visuals, so they go the easy route—and suffer the consequences.
For example, stock photos are the top choice for visual content. Research from Venngage states 40% rely on stock photos but only 13% claim it helped them reach their marketing goals.